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Photo / Doug SherringMs Parata said the school’s declining roll

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John Edwards On Jan. 21, 2010, former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards admitted that he fathered a baby with Rielle Hunter, a campaign worker. He admitted the affair in 2008 but had initially denied paternity of the baby, a daughter named Frances.

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Every woman takes particular care about the way she looks and would love to be appreciated for her looks. Self image is something which affects the way you conduct yourself and can impact the level of confidence you have about your abilities. Looks can also affect one’s popularity and large women usually feel that there are not enough options available to make them feel wanted.

Victoria’s Secret at the Grove, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles. (323) 634 9177. Monday to Thursday. Mark corners. 3. Use the markings made in (1) and make a nice smooth curve from top of fabric (folded side) to first markings. A special needs school, earmarked for closure by the Government, has vowed to „fight vigorously” to stay open.Salisbury School in Nelson, a residential school for Year 3 to Year 10 girls with complex needs, entered a consultation process on its future yesterday, after Education Minister Hekia Parata said its declining roll raised questions over its economic viability.The announcement has been met with condemnation from parents, unions and political parties, as well as the school, which has blamed the Ministry for placing „artificial constraints” on its enrolment process to deliberately ensure a small roll an accusation Ms Parata has denied.John Kane, chairman of the school’s board of trustees, vowed the school would „fight [a closure] vigorously”.”We will be making a very detailed response as part of the consultation process.”The school would again push its previous proposal to expand the range of services it offered to also cater for high needs autistic children, which was last year rejected by the Ministry.Mr Kane criticised the „ridiculous dis economies of scale [which] have been forced on the school by the Ministry”.Yesterday, the Minister said educating girls at Salisbury school had soared to $214,909 a child, compared to the $27,000 average cost of providing intensive, localised support through Intensive Wraparound Service (IWS).Hekia Parata said she understood the school’s disappointment, but it was „not true that I have been trying to close the school since 2012”. Photo / Doug SherringMs Parata said the school’s declining roll, which fell from 72 to nine since 2011, and the success of the IWS scheme put the financial viability of the school in question.”The figure the Minister has quoted is entirely a product of the constraints that the Ministry has placed on the roll, and as the roll’s got smaller the costs becomes proportionally higher, so you end up with a vastly exaggerated and ridiculous per pupil cost.”We would be the first people to say this is an outrageous amount of money to be spending. It’s totally unnecessary and entirely a result of the Ministry’s sinking lid policy on our enrolments.”Some parents worked „astronomically hard” over several years to get their child into Salisbury, he said.”It’s very clear they’ve gone through hell to get their kid in and they wouldn’t do that unless there was a worthwhile goal at the end.”He was greatly disappointed by the Minister’s announcement, he said and believed the Ministry had been working towards the closure of the school ever since it lost a High Court challenge to close Salisbury four years ago.”They failed in 2012 to close the place and they’ve been getting all their ducks lined up in the meantime,” he said.In a statement to the Herald, Ms Parata said she understood the school’s disappointment, but it was „not true that I have been trying to close the school since 2012″.”Nor is it true to suggest that I have set out to ensure it dies a ‘slow death’,” she said.”Salisbury’s roll has fallen because the introduction of the Intensive Wraparound Service has provided parents of girls with high and complex needs with an alternative to residential schooling that is proving popular.”All parents of children prioritised for intensive, personalised care still have the option of residential schooling, but an increasing number are opting for localised support that enables them to keep their children at home.”The Minister denied there was an artificial constraint on enrolments, saying decisions on applications to the school were made „on the basis of student needs, not political considerations”.”As a minister who takes her responsibilities seriously, I have no choice but to consider whether continuing to fund Salisbury School for a very small number of students is the most effective use of resources for students with high and complex needs.”Green Party education spokeswoman Catherine Delahunty said the Minister was „wrong that IWS is meeting all the needs, because it’s absolutely not”.An education select committee inquiry into how schools support children with learning disabilities last year found „the system was broken”, she said.”Those who are eligible for ORS [On going Resourcing Scheme] and IWS, who manage to get through the unbelievable hoops to get this extra support, the extra support is not always working,” she said.This was because many teachers and teacher aides were not trained in how to support children with special needs, she said.Salisbury School had „had the ground cut out from underneath them”, she said, saying the consultation announcement was „a signal that the school will close”..

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