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Exclusions: Yes, all items must be brand name and be in style

(Be sure to check with the store to see when they will be accepting Fall and Winter again).Discounts: Typical prices are usually up to 70 percent of what the item is sold for in the mall.How should clothing be brought in? Clothing should be off hangers and in a basket or bin.Payment: If the total purchased by the store is less than $100 you will be paid in cash. If the purchase is more than $100 you will be paid by check.How do you determine what you will pay for an item? A computer program allows the store to select the brand, type, and condition of the clothing and will return the price that the store will sell the item for. This is typically around a third of what it sells for at the mall and then they will pay you a third of that price.Exclusions: Yes, all items must be brand name and be in style from the last year to year and a half.

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