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1 (type A and C) and a guaranteed 4x Gen 3

The X99A Gaming Pro Carbon like most MSI motherboards has a name that a mouthful to say the least. The X99A Gaming Pro Carbon is based on Intel X99 Express chipset and as a result there aren too many surprises or improvements over the previous generation X99 offerings in terms of big ticket features. The big addition is USB 3.1 (type A and C) and a guaranteed 4x Gen 3.0 NVMe capable M.2 slot.

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wholesale jerseys from china Because the Brix S BSi5HT 6200 is a barebones system, buyers will have to supply their own memory, storage, and operating system. This may be an inconvenience for some but for those folks, fully assembled Brix systems are also available. However, we like these barebones systems because they offer additional flexibility to users to choose their own components and configurations.. wholesale jerseys from china

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